Caffe Culture 2016…

This year at Caffe Culture I’ll be presenting on both days at 12.00 p.m. but with two different topics. On Tuesday I’ll be discussing the State of the Nation research that I always undertake with Caffe Culture. This year there is a difference though and we’ll be focusing on both the research from the trade… Read More »

Marketing events calendar for 2016

Useful yearly marketing events calendar from a client of mine – it always makes sense to know what’s going on and then see if you can capture that buzz within your own marketing (in store and externally) and also by sometimes changing a food or beverage offering to go along with it.

The Harsh Facts…

  Sometimes I worry that I’m too negative about the difficulties of running great cafés and coffee shops but our recent research, in conjunction with Caffé Culture, as well as a meeting last week made me realise just how important this message continues to be.   At this meeting a client of mine described how… Read More »

The story of two coffee shops – which one are you?

I was working in a small provincial town recently and spoke to the owners of two coffee shops approximately thirty yards apart.  They were on the usual, slightly decimated, High Street that can be found in almost any town in the UK.  Lots of “To Let” signs and empty stores. In between them was a… Read More »

“Gordon behind bars” feature

I was lucky enough to be involved with the current Gordon Ramsay program on Channel 4 Below you can see a snippet of my involvement. It’s really part of a much larger discussion that Hugh and I have been having about the creation of balanced coffee bar menus that work in a complimentary fashion. This… Read More »

Mad Men era coffee selling.

This is the way we used to sell Coffee. I just love this – but I’m also a Mad Men fan so that’s partly what holds the appeal. The way he says “coffee” over and over again is just wonderful. Johnny

Caffe Culture 2012 survey results

Here, as promised at the show, are the results of the survey that we did jointly with Caffe Culture this year: Click on the link to save to your hard disk: So what are the key points? 1. Most people (71% of those surveyed) are either showing sales increases or level with last year… Read More »

The Free Caffe Culture Marketing webinar This year at Caffe Culture we’re holding a full day marketing masterclass but to prove to you that we have the information to help your business we have created a free hour-long webinar where you can get ideas and tips that you can immediately apply to your business. To sign up for the webinar make… Read More »

Caffe Culture survey

We’re working very closely with Caffe Culture this year (more details to follow) but they have just put together a survey for the industry that  we wholeheartedly support. The information from these surveys allows us to more accurately work out what is needed and therefore tweak and change our talks and products to better… Read More »

Caffe Culture 2011 follow up

  To get further details of our new mastermind group go to the link below: If you would like to get an application form immediately then please enter your name, email and telephone number in the boxes below:   Name:   Email:   Phone number: