A couple of things to learn from The Independent “Top 50 Coffee Shops”

By | February 28, 2010

First of all congratulations to all of you who made the list. Clearly these things are important and sometimes a pat-on-the-back by the media is as important as a few extra pounds in the till. Much as Hugh and I often rant that “it’s all about the money” it is clearly equally all about a strong sense of personal pride that you’ve done a great job!

For those of you who didn’t make the list and perhaps think you should… I may well agree. These lists, while often very well put together, are clearly flawed. Very often the judges have commercial relationships with some of the winners and it’s almost impossible to cover all the great coffee shops out there with just a handful of judges. I know that if I was judging such a list I would struggle not to put many of my own clients on the list. So don’t lose heart if you’re not on the list and see what you can do to learn from them.

With that said there are a couple of ideas that I think may be of benefit to you from looking at these lists:

The Independent List


Time Out


The Guardian List


As ever let me know your thoughts below.

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