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“John Richardson is a consultant to some of the UK’s best known coffee chains and a major player in the industry”

– Gordon Ramsay

John Richardson understands, through bitter personal experience, the importance of making money from your coffee business. At the age of 28 he had the largest sandwich bar chain in Ireland and by the age of 29 was standing on the street with nothing but the shirt on his back to show for it. He had been a victim, ironically in spite of a business and marketing degree, of simply not treating the cafe and sandwich bar business like a business.

Since then he has gone on to develop highly successful fish and chip shops and a variety of coffee shop businesses.  He now concentrates on providng consultancy, coaching and training to the coffee industry.

John can be contacted directly on

Hugh Gilmartin has spent the last 20 years in The Coffee Business as the leading Coffee advisor to his very special customers in Northern Ireland and beyond incorporating Coffee Selection & Blending, Equipment Specifications & Innovations, all sorts of Training as well as Branding & Turnkey Coffee Bar design solutions. He manages many of the best known coffee offers in Nothern Ireland driving thier sales and profitability.

He has presented his Coffee Profits Program in America and Europe, writes for several national publications and is a board member of The Speciality Coffee Association of Europe.

Hugh can be contacted on

9 thoughts on “Johnny and Hugo

  1. flyingthud

    hullo gents

    sorry I won’t get a chance to see your talk at caffe culture. But for the meantime, why 52(+1) ways?

  2. scratchtoscratch


    Thanks for the comment and sorry we won’t see you there. The (+1) is about always giving just that wee bit extra. Remembering the customers name as opposed to just saying hello, giving out free samples, giving the occasional cup of coffee on the house (regardless of loyalty card promotions) etc. etc.

    It’s all about the customer, at a subtle level, leaving with a better experience than you promised. Under promising and over delivering.



  3. paul

    Brilliant at Caffe Culture

    Could you send me the details of your book I cannot find it anywhere.

  4. Johnnie Richardson

    Hi Paul

    Many thanks – appreciate that.

    The book is in a reprint phase. We hope to have copies available within two weeks again. It’ll be available through here and on Amazon.

    Thanks for your patience.


  5. Nigelbayliss


    Really want a copy of the new book, amazon out of stock and no date for new supplies. can I buy through yourselves?

    Best regards


  6. Johnnie Richardson

    Hi Nigel

    The first edition had a few errors I’m afraid and we are on a reprint. It will be finished tomorrow and should be on Amazon by early next week. We’ll sell it through here too.

    I’d love to blame Hugh for the errors but since number 14 of the 52 ways is “It’s all your fault – get this and then get it again” and deals with taking full responsibility I don’t think that would stand up 😉

    Thanks for your interest.

    Johnnie Richardson

  7. Youri Vlag

    Hi John and Hugh,

    I have added your book to my site. I have read it on the plane back to England and it’s great! Very useful and it makes you realise a lot of things.

    Give me a call next time you are on the mainland. You can show of your Latte Art skills to me. 🙂



  8. John Richardson

    Hi Youri

    Thanks for the review on your site. It was great to meet you last week. Shame you couldn’t get to Hotelympia but we’ll hook up again soon.



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