At the Coffee Leaders Summit on Expenses.

By | May 26, 2009

Completely agree with Johnny … Some great points. 

Have to say Freddie’s “Aaaayy Ohh” (last 50 secs of the clip is one of my outstanding memories of the 80’s … The control that he has is staggering with such a large crowd – pure genius.

To be fair to Pret – They do do it. And that to me is the difference. So many of us talk about it, quite likely understand it and don’t execute. I love the Dalai Lama’s line “to know and not to do is not yet to know”.

And to be fair to The Hoff … who was first on after lunch .. he is doing it rather well. Loved his wine analogy and the realisation that espresso at £1.50 = an approx £37 bottle of wine in volume terms. How good would you expect and indeed demand a £37 bottle of wine to be ?

Our old friend GaryMac (not to be confused with GaryVee who GaryMac clearly could beeee) was really first class. A top notch review of the latest marketing material out there and very well thought out and articulately delivered … there is life in the old dog yet …

Next up a Cup presentation which was single walled, one colour, leaked and didn’t need a jacket as it was already struggling to keep temp with …. everybody actually. And the lid didn’t fit.

Well done to Jeffrey and the team … and another great central location.

Royally entertained by fabulous designer Mike Leahy ( a good pal of the infamous James Healy who sadly is no longer with the coffee world and has transferred his significant talents tothe innovative cattle feed business clearly taking some lessons from his years of coffee marketing with him as he sells ‘a better feeding solution for cows, people and the world we live in’  Jaysus … now who does that remind you off ?

Finally a great dinner with The Welsh Coffee Wizard himself … who is going from strength to strength … Watch out Pret … Coffee #1 is coming your way. Spotty Dog was with him …. Haha.


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