Blame culture – and why you must avoid it.

By | January 21, 2009

Starbucks are managing to use the current economy as a way of blaming their falling sales:

Boo Hoo Starbucks – It’s not my fault mummy

This is one of the key points that we deal with in our free new report and videos (to be published In May at Caffe Culture).  Many operators are allowing the struggling economy to give them something to blame for their poor sales and profits.

Whilst nobody is going to get through the next couple of years without being affected by the economy the key thing to do is to ignore it.  To accept complete responsibility for your business and the fact that we have ALWAYS worked with cyclical economies and then to focus on managing and developing a great business that will survive and hopefully thrive.

So while we have lots of great tips and techniques in the report if you can’t get this basic concept then life is going to be very tough – as it clearly will be (and already is) for Starbucks.  

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Johnnie Richardson

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