Caffe Culture 2012 survey results

By | May 21, 2012

Here, as promised at the show, are the results of the survey that we did jointly with Caffe Culture this year:

Click on the link to save to your hard disk:

So what are the key points?

1. Most people (71% of those surveyed) are either showing sales increases or level with last year – so, without being harsh, if that doesn’t include you, then there is a fairly good chance that YOU’RE doing something wrong.  i.e. if your sales are down look at the way you’re running the business rather than trying to blame the economy.

2.  Check out the average prices charged for the common items.  If you’re not charging at the upper end of the red circles then you’re missing out.  As ever though, remember you must have pride in the fact that you’re producing an exceptional product.

3. The biggest issue remains that people don’t feel comfortable to leave their businesses and trust that it will all run smoothly without them.  This is an ongoing issue with coffee shop owners.  At some stage soon we will create  a one day seminar to help with this.

4. 39.7% of respondents cited problems that effectively boil down to being marketing issues.

Have a good look through the slides and see if you can use the information to improve your business.  And, if you’re having marketing problems and missed out one day masterclass session at Caffe Culture, then don’t worry – we’ll have the video and notes available for sale very soon.




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