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The story of two coffee shops – which one are you?

I was working in a small provincial town recently and spoke to the owners of two coffee shops approximately thirty yards apart.  They were on the usual, slightly decimated, High Street that can be found in almost any town in the UK.  Lots of “To Let” signs and empty stores. In between them was a… Read More »

Three ideas for increasing your gross profit…

And don’t forget about our webinar on Tuesday! We’re going to be going through the seven main ways (for almost any business) that you can drive new customers through your doors.  It’s a totally free one hour webinar and we hope to provide you with some real value as well as introduce an entirely new… Read More »

Two types of coffee shop owner/manager… which are you?

Recently I’ve been working with a lot of very successful operators… Recently I’ve been talking to a lot of operators who are really struggling… Today I realised that, WITHOUT EXCEPTION, these two groups thought entirely differently about one key factor… They way they think about the customers in relation to the success or failure of… Read More »

Pubs closing and the opportunity that this presents for you…

Today’s Guardian has yet another story about the closure of pubs and clubs. We’ve talked about this many times and in many formats but it continues to be a great opportunity for coffee shops.  The reality is that the big three historical centres of a community are all disappearing: 1.  Churches – as a… Read More »

UK Coffee Leader Summit Report – Part One

Hugh and I were kindly invited by Jeffery Young of Allegra Strategies to attend the UK Coffee Leader Summit on the day previous to Caffe Culture.  These events are always useful from a networking perspective (even though that’s generally an expression that puts the fear of god into me) but there was some great content… Read More »