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UK Coffee Leader Summit Report – Part One

Hugh and I were kindly invited by Jeffery Young of Allegra Strategies to attend the UK Coffee Leader Summit on the day previous to Caffe Culture.  These events are always useful from a networking perspective (even though that’s generally an expression that puts the fear of god into me) but there was some great content… Read More »

Tales from New York 1 – How well do YOU target YOUR customers?

I’m just back from nearly three weeks in the US and spent considerable time in New York – it is, as ever, just about the most stimulating city on the planet. I saw some amazing retailing and some inspirational restaurants but I have to say the quality of the coffee bars (that I saw anyway)… Read More »

Some facts about the business of coffee

According to a recent Mintel report the market for branded coffee shops will increase by 52% from 2006 to 2011.  The profile it follows will be something like this. 2006 – £675 million 2007 – £736 million 2008 – £801 million 2009 – £874 million 2010 – £948 million 2011 – £1.02 billion The big… Read More »