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UK Coffee Leader Summit Report – Part One

Hugh and I were kindly invited by Jeffery Young of Allegra Strategies to attend the UK Coffee Leader Summit on the day previous to Caffe Culture.  These events are always useful from a networking perspective (even though that’s generally an expression that puts the fear of god into me) but there was some great content… Read More »

Tales from New York 1 – How well do YOU target YOUR customers?

I’m just back from nearly three weeks in the US and spent considerable time in New York – it is, as ever, just about the most stimulating city on the planet. I saw some amazing retailing and some inspirational restaurants but I have to say the quality of the coffee bars (that I saw anyway)… Read More »

Some facts about the business of coffee

According to a recent Mintel report the market for branded coffee shops will increase by 52% from 2006 to 2011.  The profile it follows will be something like this. 2006 – £675 million 2007 – £736 million 2008 – £801 million 2009 – £874 million 2010 – £948 million 2011 – £1.02 billion The big… Read More »

The five words that trap most owners in their business… (part two)

“You have to be there…” It’s nonsense for so many reasons. But obviously at it’s most simplistic Howard Schulz isn’t there in every Starbucks and they seem to do okay. Every major chain manages to cope without the “owner” being there so why can’t you? But immediately I hear murmurs along the lines of “well,… Read More »