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Hugo & Johnny @ Scothot

A clip from our Exhibition rantings in Glasgow last month kindly sent to me by our Coleraine friend. Caffe Culture coming soon with new concepts from our new book … currently with the publishing editors (very fussy folk) and due for release hopefully next month. Hugo.

UK Coffee Leader Summit Report – Part One

Hugh and I were kindly invited by Jeffery Young of Allegra Strategies to attend the UK Coffee Leader Summit on the day previous to Caffe Culture.  These events are always useful from a networking perspective (even though that’s generally an expression that puts the fear of god into me) but there was some great content… Read More »

The Coffee Boys at Caffe Culture

This year we are undertaking a variety of events at Caffe Culture at Olympia in London. Firstly we are talking on both Wednesday and Thursday under the title of “Recession proof your business“. This will be on the main stage and is at 1.00 p.m. We will finally be launching our long awaited “Ten… Read More »

Worried about your Coffee Economy ?

Right now just about everybody is focused on the economy and where its going … Banks, Property Developers and related businesses like Estate Agents are experiencing a difficult time. When the headlines are blaring doom and gloom, it takes a strong mind to stay focused on what matters and that – more than anything else… Read More »