Charles Dickens and your business…

By | November 18, 2010

Where will you be in your business this time next year?

What will you be doing during the year to affect that?

And what is the relevance to Charles Dickens and A Christmas Carol to all this?

Watch the video below and (hopefully!) it will all become clear…

4 thoughts on “Charles Dickens and your business…

  1. Michael

    I am reading your book about setting up and managing a coffee bar and was wondering if the star product could be a special sub sandwich ?

    Also, would it be possible to just specialize in the filter coffee specialty only as opposed to espresso?

  2. Simon Ford

    Some more great advice from you guys – being honest about figures essential

    Perhaps good to look at Christmas past – what worked – what didn’t



  3. Post author

    Nice idea Simon. Looking back with a proper sense of accuracy is very important.

    Michael – Special sub could absolutely be a star product.

    Filter vs espresso is a very tricky game to pull off. At the end of the day the market is really still for milky coffee. As Hugo says “Latte is king” – whether you like it or not you’ll be turning away a lot of customers by just going down the filter route.


    John Richardson

  4. Michael

    in that case one get very creative with the milky coffee he’s going to offer.

    thx for the advice

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