Coffee, Sex & Doing the Business …

By | November 27, 2007

I have been on my travels in the last 6 weeks and thinking of my trip am reminded of a brilliant comment a Brazillian made to me ;  

Coffee is like Sex …. Everybody wants it but not many know what good is! 

Businesses spend a lot of time and energy extolling the virtue of their coffee. Its always exceptional quality, can be hand selected, roasted, brewed and is usually always better than the rest.  

The truth is that it is generally mediocre and the main reason for this is that the operators and resellers of every kind simply don’t invest enough time into their coffee service or solution.

Probably the number one thing that all of us selling coffee need to focus on is that it is a business …… and we have all heard somebody sometime say that any business has to sell something and to do that you need to know your product and know your customer. Wise words indeed. It is probably not that surprising then that most coffee salesmen (and that is probably you!) don’t heed those wise words. Many are selling coffee and know very little about it and even less about how to prepare it properly. 

Coffee is most likely the biggest margin product you will sell and so should command a significant part of your planning and execution time. To make good profits you need to hook and addict the customer with a fantastic tasting product and that means that you have to control the brewing factors.  Don’t know what they are or how to do this ….. then get hold of a good coffee supplier and ask the right questions. They are out there … but you have to do a bit of homework to find the good ones!  

More on how soon ….. 


2 thoughts on “Coffee, Sex & Doing the Business …

  1. darren

    Ya see you hooked us in there with SEX in the title to make us read on. Very clever

  2. margotmarrakesh

    A great post, as usual!

    Living in Marrakesh, some of my British friends have commented with surprise when I tell them that in America (the United States) restaurants give you free refills of coffee, as many as you want. Here (and I presume in Europe, as well) they charge by the cup for each refill!

    Any thoughts?

    Margot, the Marrakesh Mystic

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