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By | September 3, 2007

Want to know where to go for great food when visiting somewhere ? …. or if you are like me want to know where the best coffee places are in a new city ? Trying to figure your way through the jungle of information that is available on the internet, or guidebooks ? You are certainly unlikely to let your fingers do the walking in the phonebook. You will probably ask a respected friend, acquaintance or colleague where to go.

Now switch sides.

If you are a Restauranteur or Coffee Bar operator how could you tie into that network of friends and experts who advise potential customers? Most sales of complex products and this includes Restaurants & Coffee Bars come via word of mouth. You can be just as organised and systematic about word of mouth advertising as other marketing tools. You never see a word of mouth section in any marketing plan – it is such an obvious communications medium that most people don’t take the time to understand it properly. Of course much of the word of mouth information is beyond your control but that means that there is an opportunity to use it to your advantage. Simply plan a good word of mouth campaign and have clear outcomes that you are trying to achieve.

Once you work out your message then you must decide who should receive it, and just as important is who should deliver it. By the nature of word of mouth it is not possible to spread the message too widely so a bit of patience is required because there is actually no need to. The 80/20 rule applies here because 80% of the world is influenced by the other 20%.

Your challenge – Be in that 20%. 


2 thoughts on “Its Brilliant, Amazing, Fantastic, Fabulous … and yes if you insist Awesome!

  1. darren

    Hi Hugo,
    Another great post. I enjoy having a look each day to see what little nuggets of wisdom you and Jonnie have posted! The last time we spoke you really motivated us to look harder at what we do especially the coffee. Thats why this blog and various others like etc. are invaluable.I can’t believe how fast this industry moves. Keep up the great work!
    As for word of mouth nothing feels better than a customer saying to you that their friend, brother, sister etc. told them to visit you and knowing that you met their expectations and that they will tell others.
    Of course the down side is that if you didn’t meet their expectations and your standards were low they will probably tell even more people! D

  2. John Richardson

    Great article Hugo my old mate.

    This ties in very strongly with what Malcolm Gladwell writes about in “The Tipping Point”. He discusses the success of the Zagat guides in the US and concludes that much of their success is based on the fact that they are basically written by volunteers and NOT professional critics.

    i.e. we tend to believe normal “word of mouth” far more than general marketing or industry “insider” information.

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