Just do it…

By | August 6, 2007

It’s one of the most simple and at times irritating pieces of advice. Very often, it’s easy to argue, life just isn’t as simple as “Just do it“. It makes a wonderful catch line for Nike since at heart we all want to be thrusting Michael Jordans or Tiger Woods out there just “doing it” and defeating all before us. The true fact of the matter is that very few people actually do “Just do it” in terms of opening a business. Less than 10% of the adult population have any real desire to actively open their own business and even less are actually brave enough to do so.

So it’s with great delight that I see another client finally sign on the dotted line for a new cafe/restaurant. It’s taken weeks of planning, loads of headaches and many setbacks but late on Friday night he had the keys thrust in his hands. Of course all the trouble is really only starting now but his plan is good and his team excellent and I have little doubt that it will work. It just felt “right” from the very beginning.

I sometimes worry that I’m too eager to force people into owning and creating their own cafe, bar or restaurant but when you see the freedom that it can create and the potential rewards (for a lot of work) then it really does add up.

So if you are still wondering, still crunching the figures, still “thinking about it” or still lying awake at three in the morning with your mind paralysed by fear then why not slot a little “just do it” into your thoughts. You’ll never know how great a business you could create until you at least try. And you’ll never know how great you could make your existing business unless you try a few different and perhaps contentious projects.

Just do it...

Nike “Just Do It”

One thought on “Just do it…

  1. Gerry P

    Great article

    I am one of those who “keep putting it off” and you have highlighted for me once more how I really am going to have to make that decision once and for all. I’ve now, I’m embarrassed to say, been talking about opening my own coffee shop for nearly ten years!

    Hopefully this will be the boot in the backside I need.

    Thanks – keep ’em coming.

    And what about the book? I don’t seem to be able to buy it?

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