Roll up, Roll up – it’s the Coffee Boys at Caffe Culture!

By | May 15, 2011

This year at Caffe Culture we are doing a paid two hour seminar on Wednesday and Thursday morning.

Full details are in the video below:

So – to replace the £60 that you will be paying to Caffe Culture we are offering:

1. Your first month’s access to for £3.00 which is a £47 saving over the normal price.
2. A half hour telephone consult with either of us on any aspect of your business – value £125.00
3. Full recordings of the seminar – value £100.00 +

At this seminar we will be revealing the exact process that we go through with clients which have, in certain cases, produced savings in excess of £1 million over a year. This process has the potential to make a huge difference to your business – even if you have yet to open it!

You need to book directly with Caffe Culture here:

2 thoughts on “Roll up, Roll up – it’s the Coffee Boys at Caffe Culture!

  1. Mark Aston

    I have been trying to book onto the seminar for Thursday, but everytime I follow the link, it lets me register again, but dosent allow me to book…

  2. Jenneke Pybus


    Thanks so much!! My partner will (hopefully) be attending the seminar. However, we can not see where the seminar will be held. Where will the seminar be held please?

    Many thanks
    Kind regards

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