The five words that trap most owners in their business… (part one)

By | August 8, 2007


“You have to be there!”

These five words were repeated to me by a potential client yesterday and it made me wonder just how many times over the years I had heard that utter rubbish and just how many operators allow their lives to be trapped by their business simply because they still believe that nonsense.

Normally these words are uttered by well-meaning friends and family who simply have no idea about how to run a business. Sometimes they are uttered by a retiring operator with a grey face as they slip off into a retirement of total exhaustion and early heart attacks and strokes.

One aquaintance of mine would only allow himself to open a second site when he sons were old enough to join the business. He finally retired when they were both capable of running a site each but has instilled such a level of fear in his sons that they never take holiday at the same time and always (365 days a year) make sure that one of them is working. They both work on Saturday and Sunday despite having small children. They may be making good money but they are utterly wasting their lives.

These businesses are about so much more than money. They are about creating a lifestyle and creating more “life“. They should never be about creating a trap that you are attached to and can’t even relax on holiday when you are away from them.

Tomorrow I’ll give you some real-life examples of how to defeat the curse of those words (can you tell I’ve been reading Harry Potter?)

Johnnie Richardson

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