The number one key to avoiding the “credit crunch”…

By | August 5, 2008

Today The Coffee Boys move into the funky new Web 2.0 world – we’re getting down there with the hip media kids and at the moment they’re staring at us in a “freak” fashion but we’re here to stay.

Hugh and I will be producing a lot more of these in the future but hopefully it provides an easier way for you to digest our information and spoutings!

So the number one key is…


It is entirely up to you how you deal with this. In a few years time when we are moving back into another boom there will still be loads of coffee shops out there. And a few will not have made it – no doubt about it. Which side of the fence will you be on?

Will you be like some of my clients, coincidentally the ones who keep working “on their business” regardless of the economy, who haven’t noticed any change in their takings?


Will you be like those operators I talk to who are all doom and gloom and are expecting not to make it. Who are simply working harder day in and day out and sticking their heads in the sand like an ostrich?

Will you be reading and nodding your head sagely at article like this on the MSN money site?

The end of the world is Nigh!!!

or will you be working away at training, developing new products and marketing and casually be noticing articles like this?

No it isn’t!

It’s up to you.

Johnnie Richardson

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6 thoughts on “The number one key to avoiding the “credit crunch”…

  1. Jim Patterson

    Hey Johnnie

    Thanks for making the effort to go to video. I love your content and look forward to your posts and this makes them even better.

    I totally agree with your point of view.


  2. Hector

    You are 100% right John. 100% correct.

    I hate those conversations with fellow business owners where they simply moan and groan about customers, prices, interest rates and house prices. It’s almost as if it’s cast in stone that we’re in for a very tough time.

    On the other hand my successful friends never seem to talk about this stuff!

    There’s a clue there.

  3. Sally

    Great post John, I love the new videos.

    Keep them going.

  4. Joshua Blank


    Your story is incredibly empowering and your site is awesome. You appear to be extremely savvy with business as well.

    I’m going to buy your book and I’d love to get a personal golf lesson from you, if you’re ever in Chicago, the round is on me.

    Well done.

  5. darren

    Fantastic post, keep it up. I am copying all your posts and I’ll write my own book.

  6. Andy


    Your some kid. I like it. Got similar mind set to you. My business on paper looks as if it could be in trouble, and to make matters worse I’ve got some property as well. Am I worried? Not me, never been more positive in my life. Its gonna be hard work but I got alot of good things on my side too. By the way, started playing golf 4 months ago and best ever is 103, but I’m gonna be good at that too.

    Just got even more inspiration reading and listening to you for a couple of hours today. Thanks


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