Video One – pre-Caffe Culture

By | May 13, 2011

In this video we want to discuss the most important thing you NEED to do to make sure your business doesn’t own you rather than the other way round!

Don’t forget to catch us at Caffe Culture:

We’re doing a two hour session each morning on how to set up or create a profitable coffee shop:

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6 thoughts on “Video One – pre-Caffe Culture

  1. Christy

    Thank you – wonderful advice. I’ve added “little notebook” to my list of things I need.

  2. Paul G

    Thanks for super video John, very informative. Due to work, can’t make it to Caffe Culture, had hoped to get over and see you guys in action! I’m sure it’ll be a great event.

    Looking forward to next video though, cheers.

  3. Lynne Diligent

    I started my notebook today and noted three problems in the first two hours this morning! Thanks so much for this very specific idea.

  4. Norma Sales

    Great advice , just about to set up a coffee shop will be at the exhibition to get more ideas and info , looking forward to any other info that comes my way thanks norma

  5. Basil Benedetti

    Absolutely true. I started this after purchasing the books published by the coffeeboys and ever since have followed their advise which has improved my lifestyle.

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